Friday, December 19, 2008

It's all happening...or not...

As the title suggests, there has been lots happening or not as in the case of the retaining walls.

Site scrape was finished on the 10th and retaining walls were set to go on the 15, 16, 17. As those of you in Melbourne will know, we had a few buckets of rain on the weekend which led to our new pool below. This is the side of the cut:

Just to give you an idea of the depth:

so obviously, no retaining walls. Although Monday night we saw they had dug a trench from the side across the front and down the driveway so that it could drain.


Wednesday - no appearance your worship!. Getting worried at this stage that the rest might had to be delayed because of no retaining walls, then yesterday we had some pegs.

Today (Friday) We have a meter box and pipes!! yes, all done and ready and waiting for the slab on the 5th. I hope this means that they can do the slab without having the retaining walls done. Has this happened to anyone else????

I am uploading these as "large" images so I hope everyone can see them. If anyone knows how I upload them so that they are larger when you click on them, please let me know! Never too old to learn things I say.

As I believe that there will be no more work done until after Christmas, I would like to say

Merry Christmas
and a Happy New Year
to all my readers and contributors!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Yes Virginia, there is a Santa claus..

Well, I have to take my hat off to PD. I did b*tch about the "miscommunication" over the dispensation, so now I have to hand out the bouquets.
Today I received a call at 10.45am from our Site Supervisor, "J" to introduce himself and explain how things work. Site cut is scheduled for 11 December, retaining walls for 15,16,17 December and then the slab to be poured on January 5. (January 5? replayed message, yep definitely 5)
Unfortunately, I was earning a living at the time and it went to message bank as I did not recognise the number! Returned his call and got his message bank!

Then just after 11am, I received an email from our fabulous neighbours to tell me that SITE SCRAPE HAD STARTED!!!!

WHOOOOO HOOOOO!! Scooted up there quick smart (well as soon as I could) and snapped a few photos...

From the back of the block

From across the street

Had to get back to work and about an hour or so later the heavens opened up. Went back past with DD2 after the school pickup and they were still working in the rain. Then went up again after dinner (got my boots bogged!!) and the machine is still there, so they must have more to do tomorrow.

The way I figure it, I am on a roll so please Santa, can I please, please have a Zonda in the garage for Christmas and if that is too much, I am partial to the Murciélago.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen for your viewing pleasure...

TA DA....We have a tap/water meter!

Given the excitement when we saw it, I hope they have oxygen on hand when we get a port-a-loo or maybe even a MICA paramedic, if it comes to that.

Our CSC said our SS only got the file Wednesday and then Thursday morning at 8.30 when we did a drive by on the way to school, there was a plumbers ute finishing off putting the water meter in. I was so excited and started calling everyone, spewing I did not have the camera. Then DD said " mum, you have a camera in the phone" Umm, yeah, forgot, oops. LOL
When we got home later in the day T&L next door had taken one and emailed it to us. Thanks T&L for the happy snap! I just hope the rest of it goes as well as this LOL.
We still have not commenced, as excavation works have not started. According to the contract, the date excavation works start signals the commencement of contract days.

How excitement!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Alleged site start date - premature celebration

Whooo Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is me doing the happy dance!

According to 24/7, we have a commencement date of 11 December 2008. Next Thursday. We are waiting for another set of construction drawings, but something is allegedly happening! Not to mention, my mate Glen Stevens is doing his best so that the delay is not hurting my mortgage loans as much, Big round of applause for Glen. Thanks Glen!

So, I am hoping that commencement means site scrape. Can anyone help me out here???? Is that what it means? I am excited and I hope that I can trust them this time, I don't want a repeat of the issues we had with the building permit and dispensation time line.

On a happier note, we also got a copy of the building permit today as well.

Questions for those of you who are much further down the track.
  • Did things happen on site before your commencement date? Like water meters etc, or did things only start happening on that date?

  • Did your SS contact you before you started?

  • How did your SS take the fact you were having inspections? (if you are)

  • How long after the earthworks was the slab poured (obviously hoping for a slab for Christmas) Is it a case of "tell 'im 'e's dreamin'?
Good thing we were up at the block on the weekend getting sun burnt slashing it again, there are now 2 other blocks, one across the road (TK Old builder)and one two doors up (NBG - Infinity builders) who have been scraped, so looks like we will all be building together.
Bring it on!!!!!!!!!