Thursday, May 21, 2009

Tiles, Taps and Toilets

Warning, if bright colours offend, you might like to skip this post LOL.

This week has seen the tiling finished and grouted, taps, plugs and toilets installed and the ducted heating as well. PD certainly seem to be making up for lost time.

We now have the ducted heating return air vent and controller installed. We counted air vents in each of the rooms that they are supposed to be in and they are all there. But in quite a few rooms they are off centre??? Is this ok? I would have thought they would have been centred in the rooms?
The ensuite! The pencil feature tiles are a perfect match for the laminex bench top and the cabinet colour, although it maybe a bit hard to see from this picture.
Aubergine capping tiles to frame where the mirror will be. The capping tiles are a similar shade to the cabinet door colour "black tulip"
A picture of the ensuite before grouting, you can see the pencil tiles across the front of the spa and going up the shower wall.
Another picture before grouting showing the floor tiles as well. Can you tell I am happy with the way the ensuite colours came together.
The Bathroom, we chose capping tiles to create a frame around the mirror. S hates the mirrors "just stuck on the wall". Feature tiles are in a similar colour to the laminex "peacock" and believe it or not, so are the capping tiles. Flickmixer to the bath and to the basin. Tiled skirts in here too.

View from the bathroom door. Flickmixer installed and push plug is there too.
Other side of the bathroom. Mosaic feature tiles are in the niche. They have not been cleaned properly yet. Sonata hand held shower, with rose at 2m and flickmixer.
Powder room. The toilet with it's tiled skirts. Very neat job!
Powder room. Taps installed and the push plug installed as well. Rapt with the laminex as a match for the tiles. They look almost the same colours/marbled effect.
Laundry, now all tiled. Love those tiled skirts!
Taps are now fitted to the laundry.
Just because black and white are just gorgeous! I love the laundry colours.
Kitchen under mount sink, now with tap! and waste baskets. Yippee! I hate looking for the plugs.
Just for K, here are the pictures of the "feature walls". Actually the two "Enchantress" walls have not been done yet. The painter needs to get a grey undercoat otherwise he tells me it will take 5 coats to get the right colour. He is coming back to do them.
Well, we have been told by our kids that feature walls make the room look "incomplete", and "just silly" and that they wanted all the walls the same colour in their rooms. So, for a cash donation our painter did all the walls in those rooms. We decided that we can close their doors. Does this make any other parents think "the price of peace"?

Bed 4, our eldest daughters room, Wattyl "Catamaran". It is brighter than this picture. Amazing colour choice and we were a bit concerned, however we have been assured it is "awesum"
Bed 3, this was going to be "Love that pink" but after much pain and suffering (ours) our youngest daughter decided on Dulux "Favourite Lady".

Below you can see the mirrored sliding doors on the robe. We have these in Beds 2,3,4 all painted to match the architraves in "Chalkdust". They have not been cleaned yet.
Bed 2, this is Wattyl "Lavender Splash"

I hope to get a call this week with a PCI date. As far as I can tell there is only electrical fit off, door handles, alarm and home theatre wiring, gas fitting/fireplace, roof insulation and bits of painting to do. Surely it can't take until August 11 to do all that!

Have a great week people and good luck with your builds!


Liana and Rob said...

Hey J,
I can't believe the progress at your place. The quality of workmanship looks great. It gets hard for me to see how great other people's homes are looking, when ours is riddled with issues.

Enough about me.
The kids rooms are sensational. I think it's great that they can start making it their own, even before you move in :)

I can't imagine an August handover. Your place looks like it will be finished in a week or two.


Jo said...

LOL at your kids about the rooms being unfinished with one wall painted! They certainly aren't afraid of colour.... wonder where they get that from?? LOL

PD are speeding along now aren't they? You'll be living in your home very soon!

I love it how everything looks.

Toni said...

Absolutely love all those bedroom colours! Allie almost went for Catamaran before deciding on hot pink. I think the rooms look great, nice that your painter did it all for you too, it's amazing what 'cash' does.

Bathrooms and laundry look really nice too, the tiles around the mirrors look great.

Doesn't seem that long ago that you started, has your SS given you a PCI date yet?

Is that Illoura next door to you still getting built?

Mandy said...

Bright colours??!! Woah! I'm almost blinded!! Lol. They all look great. You're braver than I letting the kids choose their own colours.... I have decided to let mine 'live' in their rooms for a while before they decide if they want them painted or not - knowing my kids, they'll probably swap rooms in a month and I'd have to paint them all over again.. **sigh**
I know I already love the 'Enchantress' colour, and 'catamaran'... wow! Is it almost the same as the bathroom laminex? But my favourite is also clearly the black and white ;)
I've just run into our SS and he has given me a 'preliminary' (shh) PSI date of June 12 so I would imagine yours would be very similar, probably earlier seeing as how you already have garage doors, taps and toilets!!! (Do you detect a slight hint of envy??)
You will make that July deadline with time to spare.

BelleBeau said...

********** UPDATE ****************

They can't give me a PCI date because there is a trade that they have not confirmed, so I will get a date next Wednesday. BUT, my CSC says we should have KEYS four weeks from then, so that would mean the end of June!! FINGERS CROSSED!!

Hey Liana,

I feel so guilty every time I check your blog. Nobody deserves to go through what you guys are going through. God knows we had enough building this house. But 10 years on, we're doing it again. We will be thinking of you on June 6.

Thanks Jo, I knew you'd have a giggle over the colours. They are pretty special! I know that they are not everyone's cup of tea. But you knew I think Neutral is for cars anyway.

Hi Toni, the illoura next door is a bit of a tale. Suffice to say, that the block is not sold and has never been sold. So, no neighbours on that side yet.

Yay Mandy!! That's great news! They said I would have a date this week. (see top of this post) Now I don't know whether to worry or not! To be honest, when nothing much was happening I was getting to the point where I just wished it was all over.
LOL at your kids. We just finished painting the house we are selling. If I never see another paint brush it will be too soon, so happy to pay the professional to do it. And kudos to the SS who let him do it before handover.
It's so weird, for three weeks practically nothing, now all systems go. I admit I've envied your updates when nothing was happening at my house too.


Liana and Rob said...

OH! OH! OH MY GOD!!!! PCI by end of June? Group nappy change! YAAAAAAAAAY!

That is AWESOME! How bloody excitable are you? I'm rapt for you!!! I know it's a bit too soon to be getting the champers out, but I'm confident it will happen for you.

Best update I've read in ages.
So happy for you and you SO deserve it after waiting so long for your build to start.

I'll be thinking of you with everything crossed!

Thanks for your warm words, J.
Big hugs :))

K AND T said...

Hi J,
Glad to see some more progress at your place, and thanks so much for the photos of your feature colours, they all look great! I especially love Bedrooms 2 and 3. Hopefully I get to do the same thing - if not before then soon after handover.
As for the off centred ceiling vents, sorry, not sure. I've only ever lived with ducted heating via floor vents. Perhaps it has to do with the position of the roof frame???
Your ensuite is stunning. The tiles look so glossy and shiny, love them. And I'm a tad jealous that PD let you have tiles around your mirror....we weren't allowed that option when we signed up!!! ;-(
Even your Laundry, despite the black and white colour theme, looks fantastic!!
Looking forward to next Wednesday and hearing of your PCI date. EXCITING!!!!

Hels_n_Greg said...

Love all the colours and it works really well. Good to see so much progress this week, I'm sure you will make your July deadline.

~ Hels ~

Lexriel said...

WOW J!!!!!
I love your tiles!!!!
I love your laundry tiles colour too!!!!! Looks so niceeeeeee!

And your ensuite... the tiles look sparkling! Like it has been polished/cleaned!

Maybe you will get your key before end of June! According to our contract, the latest should be by 15 or 16 June (199 days from 2nd Dec) and we are still behind you!

Relle said...
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Relle said...

BB, all your colours seem to work very well, you must be so pleased with how well you've done.
The kids rooms look great, a good reward for surving the build, along with yourselves.
Are the cupboards in your laundry, linen press, broom or storage cupboards?
I'm amazed at the extra painting for a cash donation. We've found PD to be so mean with any suggestion of change. Everything has to be raised as a variation. There seems to be no give and take.
Good for you if you can get a change from what's written in the contract.
You'll be in before 11th August easily! Good luck for a PCI date soon. Relle.

Toni said...

oh! So all those stories on homeone were not true? Weird.... Here I am thinking that they must have taken the builder to court by now....

M&J said...

Woohooo! Can't believe you guys will need to wait til late june for PCI. The house looks just about done!!! Looking fab too may I add!!! I'm not so sure I would go the black and white for the laundry but each to their own ;) Thinks it's missing a splash of red... a diagonal splash ;P

Seriously, really happy to see your build coming along so well as I just popped over from Liana's blog :( Love your feature walls... lucky kids! I think the vents are supposed to be off to the side so all good there.

Btw, not much to report on our build as the brickies have gone awol and we haven't had much moevement in 2 weeks. Will keep you posted! :)

R&C's Brookvale 45 Home said...

CDB, the place is looking great, especially like the tiles going around the mirrors. Jealous about the spa too as we chose not to have one because of a bad experience with one that leaked in a two story house, lol. Re the vents, ours a all off centre, but we are not worried about that more whether the light fittings are off centre.

Thanks for your kinds words, coke and chocolate on our blog. We have our next PCI on Monday and are down to four major issues so will be updating the blog next week.



Kek said...

Bright colours are only offensive when they don't GO with the other colours. LOL. I love your vanity - you'll be able to coordinate some gorgeous towels and accessories with that.

I'm totally in love with your laundry and now wishing I'd done something a bit "posher" with mine. :o(

The Catamaran is sensational too. I have Wattyl Indian Turquoise in my studio and just adore it.

It's all looking great.

BelleBeau said...

Hi K, yes, it is exciting, or it would be if it weren't so frustrating! LOL You'll be at this stage in the next month, the way your build is moving!

Thanks Hels, we were happy to see it moving again too.

Lexriel, I posted at your blog. Hope that the render issue is sorted for you soon. Takes a bit of the shine off the house. Glad you like the laundry, I love it too. Hope that you make your contract date. Any news?

Hi Relle, The laundry has 4 shelves one side and broom - 1 shelf the other. The others all have 4 shelves. PD is very painful, speaking to the tradies direct helps.

M&J, sorry to hear your brickies have gone awol. Red, no, sorry can't go there LOL ;) Yes, we have our fingers crossed for Liana & Rob too for a good outcome. Hope to see another update from yourselves with lots of pics soon

Hey R&C, been thinking of you guys! Have you run out of LSL yet? Glad to hear you are down to only 4 major issues, sounds like progress at least. Fingers crossed for a wonderful update (with pics!) next week.

Thanks Kek, praise indeed as I love what you have done with your home so far. Brown is so not me. I am so rapt with the laundry, it looks better than I imagined.

Cheers all

Grant N Althea said...

Oooh look at everything go! Wow and what bright colours!! They are happy kids for sure! LOL!

It's so good to see that things are going well and workmanship is up to standard.

Keys by the end of June?? Looks like you're moving in a lot sooner than we are!