Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have a DATE!


We have PCI and Hand Over Dates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PCI is set for Thursday, 11 June and Hand Over for a week later on the 18th of June.

What a relief! That will give us a swap over time of just over two weeks so we will have time to get the flooring done and hopefully concreting as well before we move in properly.

Now comes the fun bit of trying to co ordinate concreting, phones, Internet, flooring, wardrobe fit outs, aust post re directs etc etc. I'm just really glad that we are not trying to move in 2 days before we settle on our current house.

I have been able to get in this week. The second fixing carpenter was there, so I took the opportunity to get a few photos before the camera decided that it's useful life had expired and up and died on me. Luckily I was still able to get some of the pics off it.

Lots of happenings this week..
Door and cupboard handles are on as are the door stops. All the electrical fit out seems to have been done. Lights, power points, light switches, flood lights outside, junction boxes, smoke detectors and down lights are all in place. Alarm has been fitted, although as we told PD three weeks ago, one of the leads for the sensor is in the wrong spot. This has not been fixed and now they have fitted the sensor to it in the wrong spot. The outside alarm box also seems to have been fitted upside down. I have never seen an alarm box with the blue light on top?

Now on to the pics!

Exhaust fan in the ensuite Looking for cables. These holes in the ensuite and others in the laundry were really the only "problem children", most light switches, power points etc seem to have been found in the right place, first go.
Love the downlights over the kitchen bench!! We also have downlights under the kitchen cupboards and in the study over where the desks will sit.
Just one of the 6 ganger powertainment powerboards, we have three in the house for TV's
Knobs are on all the cupboards now
Door handles and privacy locks are all on too. Really happy with the look of the two tone, just a little bit different.
Things looking a bit busy in the Study, all the network cables are terminated here. We'll do our own patch panel after handover.

I also found out that insurance is our responsibility from the PCI once we sign. I thought we would not have to have insurance until hand over so, I have to organise insurance for the new house a bit sooner than I expected.

Still waiting on mirrors and shower screens and the insulation too. We saw the insulation bags in the garage so I expect that will go in tomorrow. The painter has to come back and finish off the feature walls, apart from that I think most things appear to be pretty much done, it really looks like it is just finishing off bits and pieces now.
I am still a bit in a daze with getting dates, so apologies if this is a bit of a ramble. All of a sudden, it is real. We are really getting PCI, we are really going to have a house rather than just sometime in the future, all of a sudden we have dates and things have to happen around those dates. It almost feels surreal. LOL. After all the waiting and hoping, it's really happening!


kexkez said...


Sounds like we might be moving in at around the same time. Or you might be just before us as we are looking at moving around the 7th of July.
Hope your PCI goes as smoothly as ours did yesterday.

Hels_n_Greg said...

This is great news, I hope everything goes well at PCI so you can have handover on time.
2 weeks for changeover is perfect, you couldn't have timed it better :)

~ Hels ~

Cozmo said...

OMG OMG OMG!! I nearly wet my pants for you! Thats great news and the house has come up a treat.
Wishing you all the best for the rest!

Cheers Cozmo

Toni said...

Congratulations! Fantastic news with the dates. Your build seems to have gone by so quickly. House is looking great. Love the door handles too :-)

I never knew that about insurance and PCI, we organised ours for handover day. I don't really understand how it can be your responsibility if you haven't paid the final amount and received the keys......?

Hope PCI goes smoothly for you.

Lexriel said...


Feel so happy for you!!! I knew you gonna get the dates soon!!! :)

It's only 3 more weeks till handover! How quick is that!!!


Mandy said...

So excitement!!! Get on the phone, get your diary out, and get your cheque book ready! So much to do, so little time. Good luck with it all - I suppose we won't be seeing much of you over the next few weeks - looking forward to seeing the finished product.

K AND T said...

Aaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!! OMG, how did I miss this update? Fabulous news J!!
Absolutely perfect timing. It does seem surreal doesn't it? One minute we are all waiting for that precious portaloo, the next thing you know it's 'Quick! Organise the driveway, flooring, letterbox, window coverings.... Good luck with all of that, I'm sure you'll get it all sorted.
Looking awesome,

M&J said...

Hey BB, congrats on the news!!! I'm still marvelling at how fast your build has been. Hoping PCI goes well and good luck with the plethora of tasks you now need to co-ordinate! hehehe

Relle said...

Great news BB! I'm excited for you just reading your blog.
What you have to organise around those dates sounds huge. You sound like you're on top of things though so that's a good start.
I can't help but feel that will be us in the not too distant future when, you mentioned about having to do flooring and concrete before you move in.
It's good to see that you have no big issues that could hold up the handover.
Thanks for the tip about insurance I didn't realize that either.
Those next 3 weeks will fly!
Good luck with co ordinating everything over the coming weeks.

Spike_junior said...

So exciting when those dates come through. But also scary to think of all the things that need to be orgainsed!!!!

would be home said...

Hey J
Sorry for the late reply but I couldnt stop myself. Yippeeee, handover so close, you must be excited. I know you would alredy have but some words of wisdom:
- Prepare your PCi list and jump on your supervisors head until handover.
And do keep us updated
Happy PCI :-)

BelleBeau said...

Yeah spike_junior, you're right it is scary but exciting.

Thanks WBH for your kind thoughts and advice. Hope you are enjoying your new home and that everything was resovled for you.


Newbies said...

hey BB, OMG, sorry i've been so late in checking blogs and missed ur exciting news!!!!

Congrats!! Its an xciting time, so dont get lost in the midst of organising flooring, curtains, internet, phonelines etc...

Hopefully in a few weeks u can sit back and marvel at your wonderful house that you guys have been waiting so long for!

Enjoy!!!! and good luck for PCI :)